About us

Exopolitics Denmark was officially founded as a Danish association in 2010. But it has been operational since 2007 when we launched our two websites, published videos, and started other activities. Exopolitics Denmark has approx. 40 members (March 2016). Membership fee is 250 DKK per year. (Approx. USD 38 - Euro 34) The fees are used for the hosting of our websites, setting up events etc.

Key people in Exopolitics Denmark:

Frederik Uldall
Frederik Uldall, M.Sc.
Founder and director

Mette Olesen
Vice Director


Christian Lehrmann
Board member, treasurer, and secretary


Pia Knudsen
Pia Knudsen

Roy Stead
Alternate Board Member


Søren Hyldgaard

Other information
EU lobby identification number: 98043254639-05 .

Donations can be made through Paypal to: coordinator AT exopolitics.dk [replace AT with @, anti spam]

Or to our bank account:

Bank: Nordea
Account holder: Exopolitik Danmark
IBAN: DK4920000754780371
Account no.: 0754 780 371


Donations are not made public unless it is requested.

The more funds we receive the more active we can become.