Barcelona 2009

European Exopolitics Summit 2009, Barcelona, Spain, 25-26 July - Exopolitics DK was co-host.

Promotional video for the conference in Barcelona


July 2009: Teaser video to the conference in Barcelona July 25-26.


Published in September 2009: Former astronaut Brian O'Leary (PhD) talks about exotic technology and about how it could contribute in solving the world's energy problem.
Filmed at the European exopolitical summit in Barcelona in July 2009
Video: Exopolitics Denmark


Published in September 2009: Stephen Bassett's talk at the exopolitical summit in Barcelona, July 2009.
Unfortunately, the video's audio was recorded by the camcorder.
We had problems with the sound equipment on the stage.
Watch part 2
Video: Exopolitics Denmark


February 2010: Former employee at the Ministry of Defence Nick Pope, Barcelona 2009
Video: Exopolitik Danmark
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February 2010: Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean, Barcelona 2009
Video: Exopolitics Denmark


30. March: Former NASA-astronaut Brian O'Leary.
At the press conference in Barcelona 2009.
Video: Exopolitics Denmark


The Press Conference on July 24th 2009 in Barcelona.
Video: Exopolitics Germany

The exopolitical conference in Barcelona July 25-26, 2009.
Pia Larsen and Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark participated.
Visit the conference website.