Copenhagen 2009

The American activist and lobbyist Stephen Bassett from Washington DC visited Copenhagen 4-8 October 2009.

Exopolitics Denmark hosted his stay and arranged an event with him in Copenhagen on October 6th. Here he gave a 2-3 hour presentation.

Exopolitics Denmark was also instrumental in getting him interviewed by the Danish national radio and TV:

Correction: Bassett meant that a French research group had released the Cometa report. Not the French government.

Stephen Bassett was interviewed on "DR2 Udland" Oct. 7th 2009 by Erkan Özden
Behind the camera
Video: Exopolitics Denmark

Published April 2010: Stephen Bassett's presentation in Copenhagen in October 2009.
Watch part 2

Bassett was interviewed by Dorte Dalgaard from the radio show "Harddisken" on Denmark's national radio.
The interview was aired on October 14th, 2009. Listen to part 2.
The show revolved around the social implications of the release of exotic technology.
Photo: Exopolitics Denmark

Exopolitics Denmark's event with Steve Bassett was mentioned in one of Copenhagen's local papers.
October 1st, 2009