Washington 2009

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April 22: CNN interview with Edgar Mitchell after the Press Conference on April 20.

CNN coverage of the press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington DC. April 20th 2009
Bad sound and image quality.

23. April: FOX on Edgar Mitchell's call upon the US government.

23. April: Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark briefly mentions Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell's call upon the American government in the National Press Club, Washington DC

1. June: Debate between Col. John Alexander and activist Stephen Bassett at the X-Conference 2009 in Washington. Watch part 2.
Exopolitics Denmark don't necessarily agree with the debaters.
Video: Exopolitics Denmark

22 May: Apolloastronaut Edgar Mitchell gave a brief talk at The X-Conference 2009 in Washington.
Video: Exopolitics Denmark