Washington 2010

Published 16. May 2010: Press Conference, The National Press Club, Washington, 10. May 2010
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Video: Exopolitics Denmark


Published 20. April 2011: Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark talks about activism in Europe.

Published 5. Jan 2011: Interview with A.J. Gevaerd from Brazil.
The interview was conducted in Washington DC in May 2010 during The X-Conference.

Published 17th Dec 2010: The Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell joined The X-Conference via Skype in Washington in May 2010.

Published 17th Nov 2010: Linda Moulton Howe interviews John Burroughs.
Rendlesham Forest Case (1980)

1. March 2011: Interview with Richard Dolan. Scandinavian cases.

13. Feb 2011: Interview with Paul Stonehill from Ukraine / USA.

Published July 24 2010: Historian Richard Dolan's lecture at X-Conference 2010 in Washington DC.
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Published 2nd June 2010: We interviewede the former fire fighter Joe Wisniewski at The X-Conference in May in Washington.
Watch piece from ABC about the manual which is mentioned in the interview.

Published July 20th 2010
Interview with journalist George Knapp at the X-Conference 2010 in May in Washington.
The video was produced in collaboration with Jennifer Stein, Ron James, and Paradigm Research Group

March 2010: George Noory from Coast to Coast AM promotes the X-Conference in Washington DC, 7-10 May.