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Danish TV - Calling E.T.

The Danish national TV channel DR2 broadcasted the Dutch documentary "Calling E.T." on January 5th 2010. The film, which is from 2008, revolved around especially the American SETI-initiatives. Jill Tarter and Seth Shostak were among the researchers interviewed. The documentary was narrow in its focus and did not touch upon the fact that there is strong evidence for the existence of very exotic and unknown aviation technology - at least since WWII. The Dutch production illustrated of how many SETI-researchers "look in a wrong and not very fruitful direction". For how long will an alien civilization be interested in radio waves? However, "Calling E.T." also dealt with psychological aspects, e.g. is humanity ready for contact with ETs? That was a plus! Read more about "Calling ET on DR2's website (In Danish).