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UFO-files in Sweden

A Swedish UFO-organisation will make it easier for the public to look through their files. A 250 square meter archive will open its doors to the public during the weekend of May 9-10 2009. It is located in Norrköping and contains approx. 18000 files from Sweden and several thousand documents related to Denmark, Norway and the US. Clas Svahn from "UFO-Sweden" has allegedly stated that the reason why the documents have not been shown before is due to the lack of personnel. But now the organisation has hired a part-time employee. Clas Svahn has highlighted a case where a couple saw a cigar-shaped object land and sink in a lake in 1980 in Norrbotten. The incident was apparently reported to the Swedish military. Visit AFO - Archives for UFO Research. Jeff Peckman has written about it in English in the Denver UFO Examiner.