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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

New Initiative: Million fax on Washington

On October 1st 2008 Paradigm Research Group (PRG) launched a new initiative with the aim of motivating 1 million letters, faxes, emails to the new President elect. Obama or McCain should: 1) demand and receive a full briefing by his military services and intelligence agencies regarding the extraterrestrial presence and related phenomena, 2) support convening congressional hearings to take testimony from scores of former military and agency employees regarding extraterrestrial phenomena, and 3) formally acknowledge to the American people the extraterrestrial presence - Disclosure. We encourage everyone to participate. Please visit the website and join the efforts. Director of PRG Stephen Bassett will be on the Richard Syrett show on Newstalk 1010 CFRB Toronto on Oct. 1st 2008.