UFO Symposium at The American University


Amrican University UFOThe American University in Washington DC will host a 3 hour UFO-symposium on November 12th 2014. The title is: "UFOs: Encounters by Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials".  The following will be in the panel:

  • USAF veteran Charles Halt (The Rendlesham Forest case).
  • Retired NASA scientist Richard Haines (founder of The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena).
  • The Roswell researcher Thomas Carey.
  • Author Leslie Kean (UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record).

The event is likely to be filmed and can perhaps be watched online after the symposium. Read more in an article by Billy Cox.

UFO Conference in Copenhagen 2014


George Knapp Terje Tofteness Robbie GrahamExopolitics Denmark hosted the UFO conference "UFOs and the Media" in Copenhagen on October 4th 2014. Approx. 80 people participated and heard a presentation by investigative journalist George Knapp from KLAS TV in Las Vegas. Knapp has covered UFO related news for 25 years in the United States. The Norwegian filmmaker Terje Toftenes gave a presentation about the famous Hessdal-phenomenon in Norway. He also spoke about the topic on Radio24syv the day before. The British author Robbie Graham talked about the Hollywood-UFO connection. He will publish his book "Silver Screen Saucers" in 2015. Photos from the conference.

Meeting in Chile - Openness about UFOs


Chile UFOAuthorities in Chile held a 3 hour long meeting on July 31st 2014. The UFO-issue was discussed and several experts and pilots attended. One of the conclusions was that the UFO-phenomenon does not pose a threat to civilian and military air traffic. Furthermore there was a general accept of the reality of UFOs. Exopolitics Denmark encourages the Danish authorities to move in the same direction as Chile. The latter is in our opinion a frontrunner and Denmark should engage in a dialogue and information sharing with Chile, France, and a few other countries that are "ahead". Read journalist Leslie Kean's article about the meeting in The Huffington Post.

German UFO-files - Secret Service


UFO Puttgarden 1986The German blogger Andreas Müller has apparently gained access to previously classified UFO documents from the German Secret Service: BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst). They contain information about an interesting UFO case from Puttgarden habour in 1986. A large part of the material (67 pages) is however concerned with episodes which took place near the border to Warsaw Pact countries during the Cold War. Several of the cases can be explained away as e.g. Soviet spy balloons.  Read a a summary of Müller's article in English.