World Disclosure Day 2014


July 8th is World Disclosure Day. It an awareness day created to draw attention to the political activism of getting world governments to disclose an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. World Disclsoure Day is promoted by Paradigm Research Group (PRG) in the United States. PRG was also behind the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in 2013. You can endorse the initiative by giving an electronic signature on World Disclosure Day's website. The awareness day lies in the slipstream of the World UFO Day on July 2nd. Visit World Disclosure Day's website.

World UFO Day


World UFO DayThe 2nd of July is World UFO Day. The celebration raises the awareness of the UFO phenomenon. The 2nd of July also commemorates the "Crash at Roswell" which took place in 1947. Visit World UFO Day's website.


Terry Hansen passes away


Terry Hansen dies dead UFOWe are sad to announce that journalist and author Terry Hansen has passed way. Terry Hansen was well know in the UFO-community for his book: "The Missing Times - News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up". He was one of the few researchers who dealt with the media's roll in connection with the UFO-topic. We hope that many journalists will follow in his footsteps in the years to come. Exopolitics Denmark and Germany spoke with Hansen in Washington in 2008. Watch the 6 year old interview below.

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Bill Clinton talks about Roswell and Area 51


Bill Clinton Jimmy Kimmel UFO aliens Roswell Area 51Former US president Bill Clinton appeared on a TV show in April this year (Jimmy Kimmel). Yet again* he was questioned about presidential inside knowledge of UFOs and aliens. Clinton yet again fielded the question making it more or less clear that he had no knowledge of earth being visited from outer space. The interview was held in a good humoured atmosphere, and Bill Clinton added (in relation to Ronald Reagan's statement at the U.N.'s General Assembly back in the ´80´s) that if the Earth one day was visited by aliens, it would surely bring mankind together. It could have been interesting if Clinton had mentioned the so called Rockefeller Initiative and his Chief of Staff, John Podesta´s involvement.

Click ”Read more” and see Disclosure activist Steve Bassett speak about The Rockefeller Initiative.

*Bill Clinton was asked the same question at a Hong Kong Questions & Answers meeting held in 2005.


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