UFO Conference in Copenhagen: UFOs and Nukes


Robert Hastings Timothy Good Copenhagen 2013Exopolitics Denmark hosted a UFO-conference in Copenhagen June 8th 2013
Press release on Ritzau (in Danish).
Speakers: Robert Hastings (USA) - Timothy Good (UK).
Venue: Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.
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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (April 29 - May 3) was conducted at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Former members of congress participated and gave an impression of how an official congressional hearing might play out. Visit the Citizen Hearing's website for press releases, streaming, media coverage osv. Exopolitics Denmark was present at the hearings in Washington. Read article in the Huffington Post. Read article in the examiner.com. Search e.g. "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure" on Youtube for more footage.

Brazil: Ministry invites UFO researchers

The Brasilian Ministry of Defence invited UFO researchers from the organisationA.J. Gevard UFO Brasilien "Committee of UFO Researchers" (CBU) to a formal meeting with representatives from the armed forces. Alejandro Rojas writes in an article (April 26) in Open Minds Magazine that the meeting took place on April 18th 2013. It seems that all the parties involved were satisfied with the results. Ari Matos, the secretary of the Ministry's "Institutional Coordination Organization" assured the researchers that more documents will be declassified and that they will be handled through Brazil's Access Information Act. A.J. Gevaerd, editor from Brazil's UFO magazine, stated that the meeting was historic and that it was the first time that a Ministry of Defence had invited UFO researchers to an official meeting to discuss the UFO phenomenon. The event was a result of a petition held at a UFO conference and it is a good example of far South America has come when it comes to openness about UFOs. Read more in Open Minds Magazine. Exopolitics Denmark interviewed A.J. Gevaerd in Washington i 2010.

Carol Rosin raising money for treaty

The American exopolitical activist Carol Rosin is raising money to travel the world in order to get nation leaders to sign her treaty about banning space based weapons. Rosin worked with the German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun in the 70s. He allegedly warned that there were forces within the military industrial complex who wanted to weaponise space in the future. The legitimising factor would - according to Rosin - be a threat from space aliens. Read more about the treaty on www.peaceinspace.com. Watch video with Carol Rosin here .