UFO-historian from the US will visit Denmark

We have invited the American historian Richard Dolan to Denmark. He will give a presentation on UFO's in Copenhagen. Time: Friday 7. September 2012 at approx. 4 - 11 PM (evening). Venue: Christianshavns Beboerhus. Registration has now opened. Click here to go to the event page.

Retired General talks about UFOs

Former airforce General from Chile, Ricardo Bermudez, spoke at the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona in February 2012. He presented photos from an air-show in 2010, where a metallic disc-shaped object allegedly can be seen. Bermudez is of the opinion that the study of the UFO-phenomenon is important and that an organisation for investigating the matter should be created within the framework of the UN. Read more about Bermudez here - and here.

UFOs on ITV's This Morning

The British police officer Gary Heseltine who visited us in November 2011 was on ITV's This Morning on February 9th 2012. He stressed that the evidence in connection with a small percentage of the UFO-sightings is so strong that it points to an extraterrestrial presence. Brigitte Barclay and the sceptical professor Chris French also appeared on the show. Watch the piece from ITV's This Morning here. Watch our recordings of Gary Heseltine on our  Youtube Channel.

UFOs and the Police - Gary Heseltine in Odense

Our event with the UK police officer Gary Heseltine in Odense on November 1st 2011 is now online on Youtube. Heseltine talked about his own sighting and the large database he has created. The latter contains cases where more than 900 British police officers have observed UFOs. Watch his presentation on our Youtube channel.