Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies


The American astronaut Edgar Mitchell died on the 4th of February, 86 years old. Mitchell was the 6th man to walk on the moon in 1974 (Apollo 14). He was also well known in the UFOlogist and exopolitical circles because the many times he stated to the press that the earth had been visited by intelligent life in the universe – much on the same lines as deceased astronaut Brian O`Leary. Edgar Mitchell was also exopolitically engaged in challenging the government to publicly release UFO-files. Exopolitics Denmark had the honour of meeting the distinguished American at the X-Conference in Washington DC in 2008 and 2009.  See following. Timecode 7:10. Click on “Read more”

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Hillary Clinton once again speaks out on the subject of UFOs


On the 29th of September 2015, John Podesta encouraged actress and writer Lena Dunham to ask Hilary Clinton about aliens in her next interview. Podesta works closely with Clinton in her campaign for the coming presidential election, and moreover has worked for both former president Bill Clinton as his Chief of Staff and Barack Obama as presidential adviser.
Late in December, former First Lady Hillary Clinton visited the newspaper Conway Daily Sun in New Hampshire, and while there stated that she and John Podesta would look into the subject and get to the bottom of the American government´s involvement with visitors from outer space and the UFOs. In connection with the interview, she is quoted as saying the following: ”I believe that we may already have experienced this (visitors from space), we just don't know with any certainty”. Read article by Daymond Steer in the Conway Daily Sun.

UFOs and Exopolitics in The Washington Post

The Washington Post brought an article about the exopolitical activist and lobbyist Stephen Bassett on December 11th 2015. Author Ben Terris wrote about Bassett's history and touched upon subjects like Hillary Clinton's and John Podesta's involvement. Exopolitics Denmark does not share all Bassett's views but we are pleased that the newspaper printed a serious article about exopolitics and one of the most influential exopolitical activists of our time. Read the article: UFO truthers want to make Roswell an issue for 2016. Meet their lobbyist. in The Washington Post. Watch piece from Danish TV when Bassett visited Exopolitics Denmark in 2009.

New UFO Presentation by A.J. Gevaerd in Denmark


The Brasilian UFO-researcher A.J. Gevaerd visited Exopolitics Denmark in Copenhagen in September 2015. His presentation at the National Museum about UFO-cases in Brazil has now been published on our Youtube channel. Watch the presentation below. Exopolitics Denmark does not necessarily share all A.J.'s views and conclusions.

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