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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

ET talk at Davos

David Ignatius writes on the Washington Post's website that Jill Tarter from SETI attended the World Economic Forum's annual meeting. Read the article on the Washington Post's website: "Life on other Planets".

Royal Society Conference Over

The Royal Society in London held a conference about the consequences of discovering life in the universe. Professor Paul Davies from the University of Arizona gave a presentation which is now available on the internet. Watch Paul Davies' lecture here. Read more about Paul Davies' talk "The Eerie Silence". Who is the author of the book Hilary Clinton is carrying? - Watch short clip.

New Zealand - Declassification?

Sources on the internet claim that New Zealand will release several hundred pages of UFO-material in 2010. Personal information is allegedly being removed from the documents at the moment (January 2010). The files contain UFO cases from the late 70s to the early 80s. New Zealand is in other words likely to be added to the list of countries that are releasing UFO-documents these years. Gradual disclosure? Read more about the coming publication.

Clinton: Aware of the ET-presence?

An article on Openminds.TV (January 15th 2010) informs the reader that a photo of Hilary Clinton has been analysed. Exopolitical activists and investigators have discussed the picture since it was obtained by researcher Grant Cameron from The Clinton Library through a FOIA-request. It shows the former first lady's visit to Laurance Rockerfeller's ranch. Apparently, the book the Secretary of State is carrying has now been identified: Paul Davies' "Are we Alone?". (Provided of course that the image has not been manipulated, which is very unlikely.) It is reasonable to conclude that Clinton's conversation with Rockefeller to some extent revolved around the question of the ET-presence. But how interested Hilary really was in Rockefeller's attempts to get the Clinton administration to disclose the ET-presence is another matter. See the photo on Openminds.TV - Read more about the Rockefeller Initiative.