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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

Denver might get an ET-commission

A press release from ZlandCommunications (Dec 8th 2009) states that: The Co-ordinator and Chief Proponent of the Extra Campaign Jeff Peckman has succeeded in his attempts to have the city of Denver place an election ballot choice on next August’s 2010 election ballot that will establish a fully sanctioned Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in the municipality of Denver. He has succeeded in obtaining nearly 4000 signatures – sufficient to convince Denver Elections officials of the wide consensus evident among citizens about the need to examine UFO sightings and the implications of ET contact. Peckman made his point quite strongly in June of 2008 with David Letterman on the Late Night Show. No other American jurisdiction has ever moved in this direction in support of examining credible UFO data. If passed, the ET Affairs Commission will be composed of experts from the UFO field who would obtain and provide the most accurate, complete, credible, and relevant information available to city government personnel and residents about extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth. It would also refer citizens and visitors to the proper and most appropriate public or private service agencies.

The Colbert Report and the Vatican

The American political comedian Stephen Colbert treated the Vatican's interest in extraterrestrial life in the beginning of December 2009. The catholic priest Guy Consolmagno was a guest on his show. The Vatican's conference in November has in other words generated a relatively long news cycle with both serious and funny exopolitical elements. Watch the clip from The Colbert Report here.

Conference in the Vatican

The Vatican held a conference in the beginning of November 2009 about the search for extraterrestrial life. The catholic chief astronomer Gabriel Funes demonstrated once more the church's interest in the subject and that it in principle has no problem with accepting the existence of alien life. Is the Vatican positioning itsself before "disclosure"? Can the conference be viewed as a part of the more or less conscious gradual disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence on earth? Watch stories on:CNN - MSNBC - FOX - AP - FOX.

Ukraine - Publication of files

Ukraine has just been added to the list of countries which has published UFO-documents. It does not appear to be an official release by the government. The organisation UFODOS has made the files available on the internet. The material has allegedly been collected by the Ukrainian Air Force and by private UFO-organisations. Source: The Ukranian radio.