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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

Brazil - Interview with former Officer

An interview with a former high ranking officer was conducted in the slip stream of the release of UFO-files in Brazil. It was the aging "Minister" of the Brazilian Air Force Sócrates da Costa Monteiro who talked about UFO-cases from his extensive career (25. October 2009). Read about the interview with Monteiro here.

The Brits declassify again

The English Ministry of Defence released the fourth batch of UFO-documents in the beginning of August 2009. It contains information about the famous and "strong" Rendlesham Forest-incident which took place at the Bentwaters/Woodbridge base in 1980. The declassification can perhaps be seen as a part of a gradual disclosure process. Maybe the Brits are indirectly encouraging other governments to be more open. Another interpretation could be that the British authorities are  "washing their hands" prior to a more explicit and formal announcement from another government. Or perhaps the release just has its administrative reasons. Watch video from the British National Archives here. Download the UFO files from the National Archives (only available for a short period of time.)

CNN Larry King

Filmmaker James Fox, former MoD Nick Pope, and Seth Shostak from the SETI-institute were interviewed again on CNN's talkshow Larry King Live. James Fox mentioned his new documentary "I Know what I Saw". Nick Pope talked about the release of more British UFO files. Seth Shostak wore his favourite "ignore-the-data-blind-fold". Watch the segment from Larry King Live.

Larry King show postponed

The previously mentioned Larry King show on CNN has unfortunately been postponed due to the death of Michael Jackson. We will get back with more info when we know when it will be broadcasted.