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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

Billionaire Finances Research

Robert Bigelow from Las Vegas has apparently decided to support the American UFO-organisation MUFON financially. He will in other words provide salary for researchers. Bigelow supposedly intends to hire approx. 50 scientists who can assist with lab analyses and function as consultants. The entrepreneur hopes we can obtain more knowledge about the propulsion systems of the UFOs. Read more about Bigelow's support to MUFON.

Paul Hellyer in The Globe and Mail

The Canadian newspaper published an article about the former Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer on February 23rd 2009. He has since 2005 been convinced that UFOs are real and that there is an extraterrestrial presence on our planet. A new book by Hellyer will soon hit the streets. Read the article about Hon. Paul Hellyer

Denmark Releases UFO Files

The Danish Airforce published a number of UFO-documents at the end of January 2009. It seems like the Danes are walking in the footsteps of the British DoD's recent publications. The files are in Danish, but international readers can still download the PDF file from the Airforce's website and view a few drawings and images. (The download link should be at the bottom of the Airforce's page.) Is Denmark contributing to the gradual global disclosure of the ET-presence? Is Denmark showing its impatience with the American's lack of initiative? Captain Thomas Pedersen from the Danish Airforce emphasises that Danish planes have not shot at UFOs. This contrasts the recent statements from Nick Pope, a former employee in the British DoD's UFO-office. Read article in English in a major Danish newspaper. Read article in English in the Copenhagen Post.

The Telegraph: RAF has shot at UFOs

The British newspaper The Telegraph writes (January 27 2009) that the RAF has given orders to shoot at UFOs on several occations. It was former employee at the Department of Defense Nick Pope who broke the story to the media. Read article in The Telegraph and in The Daily Mail - watch short clip with Nick Pope from January 2009