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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

ABC UFO Special

The American TV-network ABC broadcasted (Sept. 16 2008) a documentary containing several "strong" UFO-cases: e.g. Stephenville (2008), Phoenix Lights (1997), Bentwaters (1980), and Roswell (1947). The show was aired during prime time and was named: "UFOs: Seeing is Believing". Witnesses and sceptics were heard. We will link to it when it can be found on a video search engine.

Stanton Friedman on Canadian Radio

The American/Canadian UFO-expert and nuclear physicist  Stanton Friedman is expected on the The Richard Syrett Show on CFRB on Thursday, (Aug. 21th 2008 at 4AM CET). He will probably talk about his new book "Flying Saucers and Science". If you are a European you might want to get your beauty sleep and listen to the show via Richard Syrett's audio archive a couple of days after.

Kerrang Radio and astronaut Ed Mitchell

Kerrang Radio interviewed the famous Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell on July 23rd 2008. Mitchell stated once again that the earth has been visited by people from space and that the truth has been covered up for decades. The host on Kerrang was quite surprised and had a hard time believing that a man of Mitchell's stature could have such an opinion. Listen to the radio interview. NASA came up with one of it's usual: "There are no aliens here"-statements when asked to comment on Mitchell's words. Read: Daily Mail. Piece on CNN July 24th 2008.

CNN: Nuclear missile testimonies

Larry King is expected to have 3 former air force employees on the show Friday night (July18) at 21 hrs EST. Bob Sallas, Bob Jacobs, and Bob Jamison will talk about their experiences with UFOs during their cold war nuclear duties. Continental Europeans who prefer a good night's sleep can watch the show Saturday (July 19) morning at 11AM.