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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

CNN covers the UK release of UFO files

CNN continues to be a front runner when it comes to reporting on news related to the UFO phenomenon. Larry King is particularly active! He has covered the issue at least since the 80s but during the past year the frequency of his shows has increased significantly. This time the topic was the British opening of the UFO archive. Mr. King interviewed Nick Pope (former employee at the Ministry of Defence), former Col. Charles Halt (Bentwaters/Rendlesham-case) and Peter Davenport. CNN's London section also talked to Nick Pope. Watch Larry King part 1 - Part 2 - CNN London - CNN2 - Larry King 2

UK Publishes UFO Files

The British newspaper The Telegraph writes (May 14) that the UK government has just released many documents related to UFO sightings. Among other things, the papers disclose that air traffic controllers and police officers have witnessed strange craft in the skies over Britain. The reports have been collected by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) between 1978 and 2002. The documents reveal several episodes, e.g. one where three air traffic controllers allegedly saw a craft land on an airfield in East Anglia in 1984. The Telegraph. - The Guardian - BBC - See the documents at The National Archives - Timothy Good on Sky News - Nick Pope on Youtube. Nick Pope on Sky News Unplugged.

AP: Vatican: It's Ok to Beleive in Aliens

Ariel David writes in The Associated Press (May 13) that chief astronomer Jose Gabriel Funes has made a statement about intelligent life in the universe in a recent interview. Funes thinks the notion of life in space does not contradict our faith and that extraterrestrials would also be God's beings. To deny the possibility of life in the cosmos would be to limit God's creative freedom, says Funes. Read more on AP. - Watch clip from AP.

John McCain on UFOs

Super Tuesday showed that John McCain is likely to become the Republican Party's presidential candidate. Will journalists continue to ask him questions about UFOs as he gets closer to the White House? McCain once mentioned that he was interested in UFOs. He made this statement when he was confronted by a journalist at a press conference. McCain referred to the Phoenix Lights episode and said that it had never been fully explained. See McCain's brief statement here.